2010 Budget: A Shameless Con on Adelaide's South

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"This is another big taxing, big spending Labor Budget, with no serious reform," South Australian Liberal Senator Nick Minchin said today.

"Spending in this Budget will increase by $26 billion over the next three years relative to last year’s record spending forecast. The Government will have to borrow over $700 million a week to fund its reckless and wasteful spending – putting upward pressure on interest rates and the cost of living for families in Adelaide’s south," said Senator Minchin.

“The Government has not taken a single tough decision to rein in its reckless and wasteful spending.

"The Budget’s return to surplus relies upon a great big new tax on Australia’s resources sector, not tough decisions. Kevin Rudd’s mining tax is a dagger to the heart of the Australian economy, putting major projects at risk and sending jobs offshore," said Senator Minchin.

"Mr Rudd and Mr Swan want to sacrifice Australia’s future economic prosperity to improve the numbers in this Budget’s bottom line.

"The Labor Budget does not invest a single additional dollar in Australia’s major road networks.

“There has been a $1 billion Budget blowout as a result of Kevin Rudd weakening Australia’s borders and $1 billion will be spent to fix Labor’s tragic home insulation mess,” said Senator Minchin.

“The peak debt bill of $93.7 billion will be the amount owed by the Australian people to pay for Kevin Rudd’s spending spree.
“The Budget also exposes the costs of the Government’s waste, mismanagement and policy failures.

“The Budget confirms that Kevin Rudd’s health policies will be about more bureaucrats and not better services. The Government will spend around $500 million to establish new layers of Commonwealth bureaucracy. In less than a month, Kevin Rudd has broken his promise of no net increase in health bureaucrats,” said Senator Minchin.

“And in an undisguised election campaign strategy, the Government will spend $126 million on print, radio and television advertising.” Senator Minchin concluded.